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Some things to know about who we are and flight physicals.


Flight physicals for a pilot by a pilot

J. Burr Ross, M.D. is a FAA designated Senior Medical Examiner. He has a long history of interest in aviation. His passion is flying vintage aircraft. Dr. Ross understands the complexity of aviation medicine.

Dr. Ross received his medical degree from the University Nebraska College of Medicine and has been devoting his time to aviation medicine.

Dr. Ross has been flying as long as he has been a doctor. His top priority is to keep you in the sky.

He specializes in working with the Airman to fulfill requirements for special issuance authorizations and Conditions the AME Can Issue (CACI).

Getting ready for the office visit:

Fill out the MedXPress form and email confirmation to the office. Bring confirmation number with you to your appointment.

Bring all medical documentation necessary for special issuance or CACI’s eligibility.

List of any medications.


Special Issuances

If you have a special issuance, please bring your authorization letter issued by the FAA with you so we can fulfill your medical issuance requirements. If you have a condition the AME can issue (CACI), please bring copies of pertinent treating physician letters and laboratory studies.

Color Vision Consultation

Our office provides in depth color vision consultation with multiple devices including the gold standard Farnsworth lantern.


My flight surgeon contact info:

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm. Phone (602)368-5633 Fax (602)368-5709