Flight Physical

First, Second, and Third medical certificate exams are performed. We provide advice to the pilot’s personal physicians regarding acceptable medications and advice for health maintenance and disease prevention.


Special Issuance

A rejection letter from the FAA does not have to mean the end of your medical certificate and possibly your aviation career. A Special Issuance from the FAA for a medical condition will keep you in the air. The Special Issuance service at My Flight Surgeon will personally help you with all the forms and testing required by the FAA. Dr. Ross will assist you in communicating with your doctors to assure they understand the specific required documentation necessary for the FAA. There is an annual fee of $45 for Special Issuance services.


Color Vision Consultation

Dr. Ross is one of a limited number of FAA medical examiners nationally that offers the Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT) test for color vision. If you pass the FALANT test, your medical will be issued without a color signal control or night flying restriction. We offer multiple testing options for color vision. Currently all Farnsworth and all other color vision consultation is only done at our McDowell office location.