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Special Issuance Services
A rejection letter from the FAA does not have to mean the end of your medical certificate and
possibly your aviation career.  If you have been disqualified for a medical certificate, you have two
options: a) prove that you do not have the medical condition with which you've been diagnosed; b)
apply for Special Issuance medical certificate. The
Special Issuance services of  My Flight
will assist you with the FAA process.

There are medical conditions which disqualify an individual from receiving an FAA medical
certificate. For many of these conditions, there is an allowance in the regulations whereby the
Federal Air Surgeon may grant a Special Issuance medical certificate. In these cases, the
applicant must submit defined medical records an test results relating to the medical condition. At
the discretion of the Federal Air Surgeon, a medical certificate may be issued with certain
restrictions and requirements to report the status of the medical condition at predetermined

Special Issuance service at  My Flight Surgeon assists you by defining the documentation the
FAA will request. Dr. Ross will assist you in communicating with your doctors to insure they
understand the specific requirements of the FAA. He then will advise you in obtaining any further
testing or examinations that is specified by the FAA.
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